Nutritional Yeast

New Reels

Email me for the passwords as it contains work that has not been aired. justindmurphy at gmail dot com

Naughty & Nice

I never think far enough ahead to make something for the holidays. I might one day. Here’s two guys who did and rocked it: Chris O’Hara and Joey Chou. Enjoy your eggnog time.

Between Friends
Flying Lotus ft. Thundercat
Captain Murphy

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Recent commission. It’s ok but I think it needs some John Holt:

hot jam, bull fight

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Wish I could do this stuff all day for the Raps. Then one day takeover their in-game entertainment and show people how it should be done. Proper fan involvement and cheerleaders, a house band, custom animation, fun sound effects, sincere advertising. The works.

I’m not dead yet

Fight! Fight! Fight!

I’ve been working on MOTBGF, trying to get it more together (ie. storyreel, designs, finishing). This is the first style frame I’m happy with. The backgrounds will be tighter but this works for now. The characters are close to spot on.

Lawnchair Larry

Blue Woman, Red Devil

The Man of a Thousand Voices

The excellent Comedy for Animators blog has posted a link to a great documentary on Mel Blanc hosted on Youtube. Check it out.

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